Vision and Mission

In April 2012 Prospect Hospice embarked on a new Strategic Plan to guide the direction of its work over the next five years.

The plan was created through consultation with and the support of key individuals and stakeholders in the delivery of end-of-life care within the community we serve.

Central to the plan are our vision, our mission and our strategic aims:

Our vision:

Excellence and choice in end-of-life care for everyone

Our mission:

Prospect Hospice works within our community in partnership with patients, their families and organisations to provide and influence excellent care, support and understanding at the end of life

Our strategic aims:

To provide end-of-life care services to patients and their families, maximising reach and quality

To influence other organisations to improve the care of everyone at the end of life by sharing our experience and expertise

We will maximise organisational impact through robust financial management and growing the support of our community

Please see below for a copy of our Strategic Plan 2012 - 2017.

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