Open Programme

Helping you cope when your life’s changing

When you’ve been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, changes to how you feel both physically and emotionally can take you by surprise. The Open Programme from Prospect Hospice offers a range of courses to help you cope better with your illness. Developed by our team of experienced healthcare professionals, it has been designed to provide practical advice and information to build your confidence and skills. To attend a course or to find out more about the Open Programme, please contact 01793 816170 if you are in Swindon, or on 01672 512915 if you are in or near Marlborough, complete the form below or email

These courses are also available in a .pdf format to print out (see related documents section on this page).


Wellbeing complementary therapy   Living with breathlessness

A chance to relax and focus on yourself. Experience complementary therapies and relaxation.


Learn how to lessen the impact of breathlessness on your daily life by developing practical techniques and coping strategies. Gain confidence to exercise at a level to suit your needs.

Managing fatigue, maximising energy


 Benefits of exercise


Find ways of reducing the impact of fatigue in your day-to-day life. The workshop includes practical exercises to help you overcome tiredness and explore the role that sleep, nutrition and stress play in fatigue.



Exercise and keeping active can help improve confidence, wellbeing, strength and stamina during illness. Join in with a variety of exercise taster sessions to suit all abilities.

Lymphoedema support and self-managment workshop


Nutrition workshop

If you are living with lymphoedema and are looking for opportunities to gain skills in managing your condition, then this workshop is for you.

Our specialist staff, trained in lymphoedema management, are available to offer practical advice and support.

The day aims to boost confidence and provide opportunities to meet other people living with lymphoedema.



Our dietitian will provide you with information and practical advice on how to manage problems with appetite, diet and associated issues. You can explore meal and recipe ideas.  

Managing stress and learning ways to relax


Sleep workshop

Understand the effects of stress  and learn skills and techniques to manage the impact of these symptoms, including relaxation, mindfulness and meditation.


Problems sleeping? Come along to this short session and gain advice and information on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

Drop-in session for support and advice



An opportunity to drop in for advice, information and support in a relaxed and friendly setting. It's also a chance to meet with others to chat over a cup of coffee or talk individually with a member of the team regarding any concerns or worries you may have. There will also be taster sessions of adapted Tai Chi exercise or relaxation therapy.

Partners and carers are also welcome.




The Open Programme