GWH Team

Prospect Hospice has a team of nurses at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, working alongside the nursing and medical staff there to ensure the best possible care for people admitted to the hospital with life-limiting conditions.

The Prospect Palliative Care team works with their colleagues at the hospital to improve their comfort of patients, supporting the management of their difficult symptoms and working jointly with patients and their families to enable them to return home, confident that they will be able to cope when they get there. Together, our team works to ensure that a patient’s return home will be both smooth and timely.

Sometimes, of course, a return home is neither possible nor wanted, and in some circumstances our team at the hospital can look to transfer a patient to the Hospice in Wroughton. If a patient’s care needs are longer term, the Prospect nurses will work with staff on the ward to ensure alternative arrangements are in place. For patients admitted to the Great Western Hospital who do not live in Prospect Hospice's area of care, we will liaise closely with the services in their local area to manage their ongoing care needs.

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