Supporting your Outreach Centre at Savernake

About the Outreach Centre

When we launched our appeal in October 2014 to raise £75,000 to open your Prospect Hospice Outreach Centre, we were overwhelmed by the incredible support shown by the people of Marlborough and the Kennet Valley. The appeal raised over £260,000 in just six months which is incredible, thank you for all your community spirit and support, without your hard work and generosity there would be no Outreach Centre.

While the appeal is now over and with your centre now open, our focus has shifted to raising the funds needed to maintain the Outreach Centre’s ongoing costs, and also towards raising more than £400,000 each year to provide our existing care for the people of the community of Marlborough and the surrounding villages.

Fundraising for your local care

If you would like to contribute or support us with a fundraising activity to raise funds for the ongoing costs of our care in Marlborough and the surrounding areas, please call or email your Community and Events Fundraiser Mike Kennedy, who would love to hear from you, on 01793 816161, or email 

Thank you for your continued support!

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