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If you're a member of a club, group, organisation or business that would like to find out more about Prospect Hospice, the work we do in your local community and how our services have expanded in recent years, our trained ambassadors welcome the opportunity to come and talk to you.

From a range of professions and backgrounds, our ambassadors are fully equipped with presentations of varying lengths and content to suit your group's needs. 

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Barry is a retired operations manager from the power industries, who joined our fundraising ambassador team in 2013. Having retired, Barry was keen to put his time and skills to use for a local cause that does good work for people in his community. “I am glad to be able to help spread the word about the work of Prospect Hospice which, in turn, should mean that people know where to turn if they, or their friends and family, need help. It also helps to support the fundraising efforts of an excellent charity.”

Barry’s experience as an ambassador to date has shown him that there is a lot that people don’t yet know about Prospect Hospice. “I’ve found that, for many of the people that I have spoken to in my talks, they don’t really know that much about what Prospect Hospice does and where they do it. Beyond knowing that Prospect Hospice is in Wroughton and that they have shops, there seems to be a real knowledge gap.”

For Barry, being an ambassador is a chance to play to the strengths he developed over many years managing people. “I enjoy meeting people,” he says, “because it reminds me of one of the most pleasurable parts of my working life.”

When Barry isn’t being an ambassador, he enjoys travel and photography, and watching Formula 1, rugby and football.



Retired police officer Ian has found that the biggest thrill he has had from being an ambassador so far has been the positive response he has received from people he has presented to. “It is very satisfying to feel that by delivering a presentation you are opening people’s eyes and minds to the work of Prospect Hospice,” says Ian. “People have always been very receptive to what we have to say.”

Ian has always had a keen interest in charity work, and his hobbies include photography, cooking and dog training.


Nicola Bennett has supported our fundraising on many occasions since first becoming an ambassador, and has particularly enjoyed sharing her knowledge of Prospect Hospice with people in towns and villages outside of Swindon, where she feels knowledge of the scope of our work is less understood. “I’m often told that, when I have presented, people in the audience have not realised how much Prospect Hospice brought to the local community – and that’s particularly true with younger audiences,” she says. “That’s why I am particularly keen to meet with younger groups at schools and colleges, so that they can find out more about the hospice’s work.”

Surprisingly, given the number of occasions on which Nicola has represented us, her previous experience of public speaking was limited. That said, she has taken to the role with great enthusiasm: “I really enjoy the occasions when I am asked to represent Prospect Hospice,” she says, “and I am proud to be associated with such a loved and valued institution as Prospect Hospice.”

Nicola is a non-practising solicitor who currently works for a military charity and her interests include travel and theatre.








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