The 40 challenge

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis the hospice has had to cancel or postpone our fundraising events, close our shops and our supporters have also had to cancel their planned fundraising activity. Because of this, we estimate that the hospice will lose around £2million in funding over the coming months. Funding that is vital to ensure we can be there for local people who need us.

Even during this time, our nurses, doctors, therapists, family support team and other specialist clinical staff are still supporting patients and their family, but we need your support to help us do this.

If you missed out on the nationwide 2.6 challenge in April that was helping to raise money for charities, don’t panic, because we are giving you the opportunity to still support us in a similar way and help raise money for Prospect Hospice.

To mark our 40th anniversary this year, we are introducing the 40 Challenge.

There are many ways you can challenge yourself, even in the current climate, whether it reflects your love of baking and you make 40 cupcakes for friends and family, or if you prefer the outdoors and you want to cycle 40 miles or perhaps you want to have some fun and make 40 different types of paper flower for your household.

However you would like to fundraise for the hospice, we ask you to join our 40 challenge, hosted over the next 40 days, giving you plenty of time to come up with your challenge and complete it.

Below we’ve listed some suggestions that may help inspire you and make it your own.  It really is up to you and you can chose any challenge you like, however you want to do it, the only rules are that the number needs to be a variant of 40 so you could chose 4.0 miles, 40 reps, 400 meters or even 4,000 of something!

All you need to do is sign up here and let all your family and friends know about it so they can support you in completing your challenge and help raise money for Prospect Hospice.

40 Challenge ideas

Physical challenges

  • Walk 40,000 steps in 4 days
  • Climb your stairs 40 times a day for 40 days
  • Cycle for 4 miles or kilometres
  • Do 40 keepy uppys in a set amount of time
  • Hold the plank position for 40 seconds 40 times
  • Complete 40 loops of your garden by foot, scooter or roller skates
  • Take part in 40 different sporting activities
  • Make 40 basketball hoops in a row
  • Do 40 different styles of jump on a trampoline

 For families

  • Compete 40 jigsaw puzzles
  • Bake 40 cakes
  • 4 hour silence
  • Read 40 books in 40 days
  • Play 40 board games

Online gaming ideas

  • 40 laps of a circuit in a racing game
  • 40 quick games of football in a football game
  • Fly to 40 different places on a flight game

Virtual event ideas

Now we’re doing everything virtually, you could try live streaming one of the following on social media and ask friends and family to make a donation to take part.

  • 40 minutes of yoga a day
  • Run a quiz with 40 questions (for guidance and quiz packs, see our virtual quizzes page here)
  • Perform 40 songs in 40 days

Something a little different

  • Hula hoop 40 times for 40 days
  • Wear 40 different outfits in 40 minutes
  • Wear a different fancy dress outfit for 40 days
  • Learn to count 1-40 in a 40 different languages
  • Mix 40 cocktails in 40 minutes
  • Teach your dog 4 new skills in 4 weeks – Click here for further details of this challenge.

Think you've got your 40 challenge sorted?

Sign up here

Amy is our events and community manager in our fundraising team. We love her enthusiasm and energy that keeps us all encouraged and ambitious with our fundraising events and campaigns. Because of this we asked her to film a short video letting you know more about The 40 Challenge which we’ve created to not only celebrate our 40th year, but also to raise funds that are needed more than ever.