Prospect Hospice responds to publication of review of Liverpool Care Pathway

Prospect Hospice welcomes the recommendations of More Care, Less Pathway: A Review of the Liverpool Care Pathway published on Monday 15 July, and the highlighting of the broader issues regarding the care of dying people that this has led to.

Prospect Hospice’s Chief Executive, Angela Jordan, said: “At Prospect Hospice we want to see the very best in end-of-life care for everyone, and the recommendations contained in this review, if implemented, will improve the experiences of dying people. We also believe that individualised patient care is the most important aspect of helping to bring about a good or better death, and developments that share this ethos is broadly welcomed.”

She added: “This belief led us to developing a partnership with Great Western Hospital where, for the last six years,  a small  team of Prospect Hospice specialist nurses and our shared medical consultant have supported the provision of care to people at the end of their lives. In many instances their work has meant patients have been able to return home, with our support, when that has been their wish . The right care at the right time and in the place of a person’s choosing is the central aim of all that we seek to achieve.”