Prospect Hospice welcomes renewed funding from the NHS

A delegation from the recently formed Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the body that now has responsibility for designing and delivering quality health services for the people of Swindon and Shrivenham, visited Prospect Hospice this week to sign a contract promising funding of almost £1.3m for the year ahead, approximately 20 per cent of the Hospice’s annual funding.

Angela Jordan, Chief Executive of Prospect Hospice, welcomed the CCG’s Accountable Officer Tony Ranzetta, and Clinical Chair Dr Peter Crouch to the Hospice to sign a contract that means ongoing support for the hospice in helping it to meet the end-of-life needs off the local community.welcomes renewed funding from the NHS

During the visit, Angela took the representatives around the hospice in Wroughton, enabling them to see for themselves the care that is provided on site at its day hospice and on its 15-bed in-patient unit, where Mr Ranzetta and Dr Crouch took the opportunity to talk with patients, volunteers and staff.

Reflecting on the experience, Mr Ranzetta said: “I have been so impressed by what I have seen here at Prospect Hospice, and I feel that we are so fortunate to have something so special serving the town of Swindon. It really is one of the jewels in the crown.”

He added: “From your very first impression you sense that you are at an organisation that wants to support people at what has to be the most difficult time of life, not just for the person living with the illness but also for their families. It demonstrates the benefit of charities leading the way in end-of-life care. Coming here has been an overwhelmingly brilliant experience.”

Angela Jordan added: “It was our pleasure to welcome Tony and Peter here today, and we welcome this commitment from the new Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group towards our ongoing care for the coming year. Given the considerable recent changes in the local health services commissioning structure, we appreciated their taking time out to see us at Prospect Hospice. It was also an opportunity for them to see for themselves the work that we do here, and I feel confident that their visit here today marks the beginning of a very positive relationship between the hospice and our new commissioners."

Photo L - R: Tony Ranzetta and Peter Crouch from Swindon CCG and Angela Jordan, Chief Executive, Prospect Hospice