Swindon Advertiser supports Prospect Hospice with £160k appeal

We are delighted that, today, the Swindon Advertiser has announced that in celebration of its 160th anniversary it is launching an ambitious campaign to raise £160,000 by December in aid of Prospect Hospice.  Throughout the year, along with activists, fundraisers and the support of the wider community, our local newspaper will strive to collect this incredible sum in support of the care that we provide for more than 2,000 each year.

Swindon Advertiser editor Gary Lawrence has encouraged people across Swindon and beyond to lend financial support to the paper’s campaign. “When we first talked about how we would mark the Adver’s 160th birthday we decided to use our year of celebration to help the community,” he said. “There are some amazing and deserving charities who do a huge amount for the people of Swindon, but we thought Prospect Hospice probably touches more lives than any other.

“Prospect Hospice steps in to help when families are undergoing the worst days of their lives and somehow manages to brighten them with its kindness and care. Just spend a few moments at the hospice in Wroughton and the atmosphere of positivity that greets you as you walk in gives you an idea of the support it provides.

“Our appeal aims to raise £160,000, which will make a significant difference to many people who turn to Prospect Hospice for help. But our appeal will also highlight all of its services. It will highlight how Prospect Hospice isn’t just somewhere for people to end their days with dignity and respect, it is a vibrant, caring organisation that reaches far out into the community with a vast array of support for those stricken with illness and the families and friends around them.”

Gary added: “It is no surprise that those families and friends are repaying that support long after they have lost their loved ones because of the value they place on Prospect Hospice. We share that value, as we know our readers do.”

Prospect Hospice’s chief executive Angela Jordan said: “I am delighted that the Swindon Advertiser has chosen to mark its 160th anniversary by calling on its readers to raise funds for Prospect Hospice through a special appeal.

“The Swindon Advertiser has been a true supporter of the work of its local hospice since the days when the then Prospect Foundation provided care for a handful of patients in their homes, then in dedicated beds at the Victoria Hospital, and ever since we moved to the purpose-built hospice in Wroughton in the nineties. The Swindon Advertiser has reported on our work throughout the years, and helped us to get our message out to the people of the local community, which has been an enormous help to our continuous drive to raise the money needed to deliver our care.

“I welcome this unique opportunity to remind the people of Swindon that we are here to serve them when they are in need of our care, and that it is largely through their generosity that we will have cared for more than 2,000 people this year. We will also be pleased to share with Swindon Advertiser readers some of the remarkable stories about day-to-day life at Prospect Hospice, and the people behind them. “

Angela added: “Thank you to the Swindon Advertiser and its readers for your generous support.”