Kirsty’s running the rainbow in memory of a much-missed dad

September sees the return of Run the Rainbow, Prospect Hospice’s 5k run through Lydiard Park where brightly coloured powder paint is thrown at participants throughout the course, making it literally our most colourful fundraising event of the year!

Every one of the hundreds of runners has their own reason for taking part in Run the Rainbow: some do it just for the fun of it, either walking, skipping or dancing around the course, and some just love the challenge of a 5k run. For others the event is simply a way of showing their gratitude for the special moments that Prospect Hospice enabled them to share with their loved ones.

Kirsty Mapstone-Davies, a nursery nurse from Haydon Wick, Swindon, is taking part this year in thanks for the outstanding care that her father, Terry, received with us. “In October 2009, shortly after my 21st birthday, Dad was admitted to Prospect Hospice. He was just 47 and had a brain tumour. Knowing Dad’s health was deteriorating and that he really wanted to be a part of our wedding, my fiancé Ashley and I discussed the possibility of bringing the date forward.”

With the help and support of the team at Prospect Hospice, arrangements were made on the Friday evening for the wedding to take place on the Sunday. “In only a day and a half we managed to sort out all the essentials - the registrar, the suits and the wedding cake,” Kirsty recalls. “The team at the hospice organised the ceremony in the conservatory and did the catering on site for us so that all our close family could attend. Dad attended in his wheelchair and was one of our witnesses, but was unable to be part of the celebrations later in the day. Fortunately, someone had recorded a video of the whole thing, so he was able to watch what he had missed. It meant the world to him to be a part of our special day.”

The experience of her dad’s care has inspired Kirsty and her daughters to get colourful in Terry’s memory nearly nine years after his care. “This year I’ll be taking part in Run the Rainbow with my daughters; Lacey who’s 7 and 5 year old Hallie,” Kirsty says. “They are excited to be running in their coloured tutus in memory of Grampy Terry, helping me to thank Prospect Hospice for all that they did for him.”

Since Run the Rainbow was first held in 2015, more than 2,800 people have taken part, raising a staggering £250,000 for Prospect Hospice so far. To put that into perspective, £250,000 is enough money to fully fund our in-patient unit for 45 days, or provide nearly a thousand nights of Prospect@Home over-night care.

You too could join Kirsty in helping thousands of patients and their families share precious memories together by registering for Run the Rainbow today. Simply click on the link below for more information: