The publication of the Etherington report into fundraising practice - Prospect Hospice's response

All charities will have noted with interest the findings and recommendations of Sir Stuart Etherington’s report into fundraising practice, which featured prominently in national news reports earlier this week. Sir Stuart had been commissioned by the government to review charity fundraising practice following recent high profile, negative news stories that have shown poor practice on the part of some charities.

The recommendations in Sir Stuart’s report included:

  • The introduction of a single regulator of all charity fundraising, working with other regulatory bodies
  • Enhanced safeguards with other organisations to tighten self regulation
  • Increased trustee responsibility
  • A single code of practice
  • Emphasis on donor experience

We welcome Sir Stuart’s report and its intention to bring greater public confidence in charity fundraising. We believe that our own fundraising activity is, and has always been, underpinned by integrity, respect and professionalism, and we welcome calls to ensure that the entire sector embraces a similar approach. In our practice and in the development of our approach, our trustees work to ensure that high standards are maintained at all times. It is our view that the continuing support of the community we serve suggests that their confidence in our fundraising practice is high. It will always be our duty to ensure that it remains so.

You can read Sir Stuart Hetherington’s report here