Working with families

If you need support while a family member is in the care of Prospect Hospice, our Family Support Team is here to help you. The family support team complements the support provided by our nursing teams,  to provide an addtional layer of support for families learning to adjust to the new and varied changes within their lives. 

We know and recognise the difficulties faced by families at a time of a patient’s illness, and our team – which comprises  skilled, experienced social workers, a dedicated carers support worker, a welfare and benefits adviser and our clinical psychologist -  bring a range of practical advice and support to help families cope. Most importantly, they look to empower people to feel more confident, and more in control. 

Where there are children and young adults within a family, our social workers work with parents to enable children to better understand the changes in their day to day life. 

Our family support team works alongside families at home and at the Hospice. To find out how our Family Support Team can help your family call 01793 816135