Planning your event

Thinking of fundraising for us?

All you need is an idea. Our Fundraising Team can help with the rest...

Whatever it is that you have planned - whether it's a small scale activity amongst your friends and family, or a large event that's open to the public - there are lots of ways our team can help you to plan a successful fundraiser.

From advice on local venues to developing prmotional materials, we can give you step-by-step guidance - we're only a phone call away! With your help you'l find that organising an event can be stress-free and great fun.

You may be looking to plan an event all by yourself, or perhaps you are a member of a group, business or school that has chosen to support us; we have experience of working with all kinds of people and organisations and are able to share this with you.

Please complete the form below and one of our community fundraisers will be in contact with you. You will also find our Third Party Guidelines and Agreement which includes guidance on planning your event and a list of ways we can help you.

Planning your event


Please let us know what resources you require from us:

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