Other people's gifts


Ann left behind a lifetime of happy memories and gift in her will to Prospect Hospice.

Despite having cancer, Ann continued to live every minute of every day to the full, touching everyone she met with her infectious personality. Ann’s generosity in her will was so typical of the kind and giving person she was. She chose Prospect Hospice to be one of her biggest beneficiaries from her estate because she felt it was the best use of the money she was leaving behind. 

Her close friend Teresa Jones said:

“Ann and her husband Paul passionately believed in what Prospect Hospice does and they wanted other people to have the same amazing care from which they both benefited towards the end of their lives.”


Derryck and David’s gifts

The Reverend Derryck Evans loved the local Swindon community so much that he founded the original Prospect Hospice Foundation. It was back in the 70’s when Derryck was the Methodist Chaplin to the Princess Margaret Hospital, that he highlighted the desperate need for all-round care for terminally ill patients.

Later David Margesson, our late President was to spearhead the campaign to raise the funds to build the hospice on its current site in Wroughton. David also left a gift in his will to Prospect Hospice.

Today Prospect Hospice stands as a lasting legacy to their memory. It’s thanks to David and Derryck’s foresight and vision that Swindon and the surrounding areas have a hospice that offers free care to local patients and their families. Please help this special legacy to live on with a legacy of your own: a gift in your will to Prospect Hospice.