£10 Challenge

Thank you for your interest in our £10 Challenge, a great young enterprise programme through which business students will have the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills while raising money for their local Hospice.

Below is a brief overview of how the challenge works....

Once you have decided to take on the challenge, one of our Community Fundraisers will meet with your Business Studies Teacher or relevant person to plan the next steps and timescale.

We will start by delivering a presentation to students about Prospect Hospice and the £10 Challenge, this will include ideas on what they can do and helpful tips on how to successfully complete the challenge.

Students will be divided into small groups and we will give each group the £10 start-up money to help them on their way. They are then challenged to make as much profit on this £10 as possible in an agreed amount of time. The £10 and all profit is then returned to us as a donation.

We can arrange a group cheque presentation for the funds raised along with a press release to local media to get your school the recognition it deserves.

If you would like to take on the challenge or for more information, please fill in the enquiry form here.


Here is what Andrew Paterson, Business Lecturer at Swindon College, had to say about the challenge:

‘’The £10 challenge has been a massive part of a project and an assignment of our business students. We ran the event voluntarily in 2013 but, due to it’s success, the business teaching staff decided to take it one step further and make it not only compulsory but also build other units around the £10 Challenge for the students. 

"The challenge has enabled the students to work as a team, design their own business with a full business plan and has also taught them about the financial and marketing aspects of setting up a business alongside pitching for funding. Without the opportunity to work with an amazing charity supported by dedicated staff this would not have been possible. 

"The £10 Challenge is an excellent way of getting your school/college working together towards a goal and also in competition with each other. I firmly believe that without the support of the £10 Challenge and Prospect Hospice, we would not have been able to deliver the project set for the students and it would not have been the success it has been. I wholeheartedly recommend using the £10 Challenge.’’


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