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Supporting you at the Great Western Hospital

Prospect Hospice has a team of nurses at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, who work alongside the hospital staff to promote the best possible care for anyone admitted with a life-limiting condition.

Our palliative care nurses work with their colleagues at the GWH to improve the comfort of patients and support the management of difficult symptoms. We are proud to have achieved a CQC (Care Quality Commission) rating of ‘good’ for our work at the GWH.

The nurses also work with patients and their families to enable a smooth, timely return home, and to ensure that they are confident about coping when they get there. Sometimes, of course, a return home is neither possible nor wanted, and in some circumstances our team at the hospital will suggest a transfer to the hospice in Wroughton.

If a patient’s care needs are longer term, the Prospect nurses will work with GWH staff to ensure that alternative arrangements are in place. For patients admitted to the GWH who do not live in our area of care, we will liaise closely with their local services to manage their ongoing needs.

Our team at the Great Western Hospital

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If you are a patient, family member or from the local healthcare community, and you need fast advice, please call the Single Point of Contact team on 01793 816124 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

Outside of these hours, call 01793 816109 to access our 24 hour advice line.

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