This is a nationally recognised qualification.

The certificate brings a unique opportunity to engage in high quality training informed by the expertise that is synonymous with the care and services provided by Prospect Hospice.

The certificate requires you to complete five theory-based training modules at Prospect Hospice. Each module consists of a one-day session and asks participants to demonstrate their learning through the development of a personal portfolio.

Module 1

Understanding end-of-life care

Module 2

Communication during end-of-life care

Module 3

Assessment and care planning in end-of-life care

Module 4

Person-centred approaches to end-of-life care

Module 5

Care during the final hours of life and bereavement care

One of the benefits of the QCF is that learners can transfer credit from one qualification to another. Learners who have already achieved one or more of the units included in this qualification elsewhere can transfer the credit already achieved.

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