NCFE Level 3 Certificate in End-of-Life Care

The NCFE Accredited Education Passport


The Prospect Hospice Education Team has designed a creative, innovative and unique training programme to support the development of unregistered staff in care homes and build on the partnerships currently in place in our surrounding area.

The certificate brings with it a unique opportunity to engage in high quality training informed by the expertise that remains synonymous with the care provided by Prospect Hospice.


Course modules

The certificate requires you to complete five theory-based training modules delivered at Prospect Hospice. These modules each consist of a one day session and are held every two months, alongside demonstrating your learning through the development of a portfolio.

Module 1

Understanding end-of-life care

Module 2

Communication during end-of-life care

Module 3

Assessment and care planning in end-of-life care

Module 4

Person-centred approaches to end-of-life care

Module 5

Care during the final hours of life and bereavement care


Once all modules have been completed and a portfolio of evidence submitted, work is verified and if all assessments are passed, the Level 3 certificate in Principles of End-of-Life care is awarded.


Staff confidence has increased: they ask questions, have their own ideas, suggest changes and find their own answers.

Staff have shared their knowledge with colleagues and have applied their learning to all types of care as well as end-of-life.


Cost: £400 per person

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