Start 2018 feeling good!


Feel Good-a-thon

Start 2018 feeling good!

If you’re thinking of trying something new, want to give something up or just want to spend some quality time with family & friends; Prospect Hospice wants to hear from you. Our Feel Good-a-thon is our annual fundraiser to encourage people to do something that makes them feel good, and raise some money to help our patients feel as good as they can.

You’ll be supporting the dedicated teams that care for them around the clock, every day of the year. Such as our physiotherapy team - helping patients keep mobile and some of their independence, our complementary therapy team – providing treatments such as massage, reflexology and beauty treatments to patients and carers, and our day therapy team – who provide art therapy to help our patients express emotions and memories they may not be able to put into words.

There are so many different ways to get involved in our Feel Good-a-thon, included are just a few of our ideas but we’d love to hear yours!

Get active!

There’s no better time than January to boost your health and fitness, while raising money for Prospect Hospice and, let’s face it – many of us decide that the new year is when we’re going to get fit. So why not give yourself the extra push of raising some pounds at the same time. Here’s a few ideas of how Prospect Hospice supporters have raised money for us in the past:

  • Walking 100 miles across the whole month 
  • Setting a month-long challenge, like Couch to 5k 
  • Swimming the length of the English Channel at your local pool 

£10 is the cost of running our In-Patient Unit for one minute...

Swap lbs for pounds!

If you’re planning to get in shape in the new year, then get your slimming group together and get sponsored a pound for every pound you lose – or set a collective goal throughout the month. You’ll feel better while you’re raising vital funds for your local hospice.

£100 could pay for six complementary therapy treatments.

Feel the heat, and stay in the kitchen!

Show off your culinary skills with a post-Christmas dinner party for friends who’ll surely want to make a donation for Prospect Hospice in return for your beautiful meals. Or organise your own Dine With Me event – a selection of great friends and an added pinch of competition are perfect ingredients for a fantastic fundraiser!

£100 pays for five hours of clinical care on our In-Patient Unit.

Get your house in order!

When the decorations come down, it’s also a great time for a de-clutter. Don’t just tip it – try a garage sale to raise funds for Prospect Hospice. Or how about a clothes swap or your local community centre or hall, with an entry fee towards Prospect Hospice?

Take care of yourself.

Who doesn’t love to feel a little bit pampered? Then organise a pamper evening for yourself and friends. You could get really indulgent and organise a wine and chocolate tasting party, with donations to Prospect Hospice.

Team Challenges

You and your team, club or social group could get together and take on a feel good challenge to kick start 2018.

  • Yogo-athon – can you and your club members complete 108 sun salutations in an afternoon?

  • Combat-athon – how long can you keep up with your opponent/ practice your martial art for?

  • Row-athon – how fast can you collectively row the distance of the English Channel or Atlantic Ocean?

  • Dance-athon to showcase different genres of dancing through history – how many decades or centuries of dance styles can you cover in one day?

  • Zumba-athon and dance the afternoon away!

So what are you waiting for?

Begin in the new year feeling good! However you plan to pick up your Feel Good-a-thon activity this January, let us know by contacting or call us on 01793 816161, and we’ll help you with all that you need for a new year’s fundraising adventure!

£500 pays for three Community Nurse Specialist visits to patients at home.