Help us raise £1m to help us care for those at the end of their life


For the last 40 years, the local community has been there for the hospice so that we can be there for those local people who need our help at the end of their life. For that, we want to say ‘thanks a million’.

From the very first day of Prospect Hospice, the care we’ve been able to give our patients is only possible thanks to the generous donations of local people, groups and businesses. For those who have held bake sales, run marathons, jumped out of planes and raised money in all manner of ways, we want to say, ‘thanks a million’.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the hospice. While our services to our patients and their families have continued throughout the pandemic, our income dried up almost overnight back in March 2020. With our 18 shops closed and our events and traditional fundraising activities cancelled, we’ve had to look at new ways of fundraising, taking much of our activity online and our supporters have continued to give in any way they can. For that, we want to say, ‘thanks a million’.

But the truth is, this last year, our income hasn’t matched our outgoings. To make sure we can continue to offer our same standard of care to all of those that need it in the local area, we need to raise £1m over the next few months, until we can fundraise again in our traditional ways.

So what can you do to help?

Over 25 and 26 April, we’ll be launching a 36 hour online fundraiser to raise as much money as we can for the hospice and the way you can help is simple.

If you’d like to take part, complete the short form below with a few details and the night before the online event goes live, we’ll send you the link to the donation page. All we ask you to do is share this link with your family, friends, colleagues and other contacts however you feel able. That could be via text message, WhatsApp, on social media or by email. All we ask is that you share the link far and wide and ask people to donate to a charity that is working hard to support those in your community – and donate yourself of course if you feel able.

If you’d like to have your own personalised page where you can set your own target and share details of why Prospect Hospice is important to you, you can do that via a separate form. Click here to create your own personalised page.

Or, if you’d prefer to donate now, you can to that here.

That’s it. It really is that simple.

Sharing the link and asking as many people to donate what they can will really make a huge difference to Prospect Hospice at this time.

Thanks a million!

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