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Prospect Does Strictly

Put your best foot forward!

Ever wondered how it would feel to be part of the 'Strictly' experience?

**Registration for Prospect Does Strictly has now closed.**

All of our couples have registered to go head-to-head in a Strictly Come Dancing style dance off to win the coveted ‘Prospect Does Strictly’ trophy at our grand finale on November 13! Dance lessons are being provided for our couples, and they’ll also get full celebrity treatment by having professional hair and make-up on the night.

Why not cheer our dancers on and help support our hospice by being a part of the audience? Tickets for our grand finale are only £10. See the link below for details.

If you have any questions not listed in our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section, or need more information, please call Lisa Curtis on 07500 933831 or email lisacurtis@prospect-hospice.net

Buy your ticket to our grand finale on the door for £10

Be a part of our grand finale event on November 13 and cheer on our couples in the audience! Tickets will be available on the door for £10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?

Anyone over 18 can register, so team up with family, friends or colleagues as a couple and register. One registration form is required for each person. We can take more than one couple from an organisation, registration is first come first served, so get in quick!

How much does it cost?

Registration costs £35 per person. Each contestant needs to register separately by completing a registration form. In order to register each person must commit to fundraising £300 each.

Do I need dance experience?

Quite the opposite applies, we are looking for people without dance experience!

I had a few dance lessons as a child, can I still register?

Yes, we are looking for people with no formal experience of dancing as adults.

Are dance lessons provided?

Cadley School of Dance will be running the dance lessons weekly on Tuesdays (see 'Where and when, will the dance lessons take place?') on the run up to the grand finale. A total of six lessons will be provided.

What dances will we learn?

Each couple will learn the Jive and the Waltz, so you can experience an upbeat Latin dance and a ballroom dance.

Where and when will the dance lessons take place?

Lessons will be held on Tuesday evenings on the following dates: Lesson 1 - Tuesday 17 September; Lesson 2 - Tuesday 24 September; Lesson 3 - Tuesday 1 October; Lesson 4 - Tuesday 8 October; 2 week break - Homework/Training; Lesson 5 - Tuesday 29 October; Lesson 6 - Tuesday 05 November. Lessons will be held from 8pm-9.30pm, at St Joseph’s College Gymnasium, Swindon.

Is there an age limit?

Contestants need to be 18 or over.

What 'Strictly' treatment will contestants receive?

Contestants will get a taster of being ‘Strictly-fied’, having dance lessons prior to the event and also their hair and make-up on the day.

Who provides the costumes?

Contestants will kit themselves out with costumes for the finale, however, we will do our best to help and have our shops on red alert for suitable costumes and outfits.

Will I be in any publicity?

We are looking to create a huge buzz for this event to maximise support and generate as much publicity as possible. Featuring couples on social media, our website, in marketing materials and in any coverage secured with the local press. It is also a requirement of registering on the registration form.

When is the finale event?

The finale event is being held at the Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon, on Wednesday 13 November 2019.

How do my friends and family order tickets?

Each couple will have a ticket allocation, reserved for a limited time, to sell to family, friends and colleagues before they go on general release. This will include a table of 10 VIP tickets and general seating tickets available in advance. VIP tickets will cost £15 each and general seating will be £10 per ticket. **Please note that tickets for this event sell out very quickly so please encourage anyone who would like to come along to support you to buy their tickets early.**

Is the performance suitable for children?

Unfortunately, due to the timings and the nature of the event, the performance is not suitable for children under secondary school age.

What do I need to wear for lessons?

Please wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in, leggings or soft trousers with a stretch and a t-shirt are ideal and it’s always a good idea to wear a few layers so that you have something to take off once you start to warm up. Please avoid jeans as these restrict movement and anything that may drag on the floor and has the potential to trip you up. Dance shoes are obviously the ideal choice for footwear however the below are alternatives: Footwear Ladies – a shoe with a small heel and a strap to secure the shoe to the foot, these need to be comfortable to move around in for the whole lesson. Footwear Men – a light shoe with a non-grip sole, preferably leather, please avoid anything with a rubber sole, trainers, heavy boots, flip flops or any slip on shoe which may easily come off.

How will we be scored on the night?

On the night there will be a panel of 4 judges. After your dance each judge will give you 2 scores (both out of 10) one for technical content and the second for entertainment, giving you a combined total out of 80.

How does my fundraising count towards my score on the night?

You will also have the opportunity to gain up to 6 points prior to the performance based on your fundraising total. The points are based on a sliding scale as you can see below, and can include online and offline sponsorship as well as cash donations, we cannot include gift aid or organisational matched funding in the total. The fundraising totals will be banded with: £600 = 1 Point Between £700-£1000 = 2 Points Between £1000-£1500 = 3 Points Between £1500-£2000 = 4 Points Between £2000-£2500 = 5 Points Between £2500-£3000 = 6 Points We will check the total of your online fundraising at mid-day on Tuesday 12 November and ask you to bring your sponsorship forms with you on the night so that these can be added to the total.

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