Comfort and recline in situ slings


Enabling patients to move to a chair or to their bed with minimal discomfort.


For many patients, just getting up and about their room – to the toilet, or to their chair for a change in scenery – can be painful. To aid them, we use a special sling, attached to a hoist, to help move them around. The slings we have now are made of nylon – and must be removed once we’ve hoisted a patient into each new place.

So, we’re hoping to buy some of these Comfort Recline Slings, which will make a massive difference to those who need help moving about. They’re made of soft, gentle fabric which means that when they’re placed behind a patient, we don’t have to remove them again; the sling can simply stay there for the next time they need to shift without being uncomfortable against their skin. They’re specially made to fit over toilets as well, so will be a huge step up from our current supply.

We need 10 of these. If we receive donations for all 10, your support will go towards the vital running costs of the hospice.