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Your feedback helps us shape our future services. We welcome all comments, both negative and positive, and will handle them efficiently and respectfully. We are always happy to hear that we have done something well and we really appreciate compliments about our service. These will be recorded and shared with the relevant colleagues. We will use your compliments to improve our service.

Prospect Hospice aims to provide an excellent service to all of our patients and their families and carers. We do recognise, however, that from time to time people may be dissatisfied in some way with their experience. It’s important for us to know the details so that we can address any issues. We consider complaints to be a very valuable source of feedback, which provide us with an opportunity to improve our service and our reputation. We will take the opportunity to learn from your feedback and believe that complaints can help us to prevent an issue escalating and over time can reduce the number of complaints.

Please see the Related Documents section below for further information.

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We value your feedback

Please take a moment to let us know about your experience. You can complete a questionnaire in the following ways:

  • Using one of our iPads at IPU reception
  • Filling in a paper questionnaire (please ask a member of staff)
  • Online using a tablet or smartphone, or a PC
  • Using the Ipad kiosk in the Heart of the Hospice