Accessing information made easier thanks to hospice volunteer Elisabeth

May 2019

Family Support

Accessing information about local bereavement support has been made easier following the creation of a new information pack, led by Elisabeth Cranley, Prospect Hospice Volunteer.

The information pack will be used by our Bereavement Team and those bereaved who are under our care. It consists of two folders, providing information and signposting to people about other bereavement support organisations and local social activities.

Lucinda Gomiciaga, Bereavement Care Coordinator said: “We recognise how important it is for people who are bereaved to have information about, and access to, a variety of support services both locally and nationally.

“We are thrilled with all the hard work and energy that Elisabeth has put into creating such a wonderful resource and look forward to being able to share this with our bereaved families, carers and with the rest of the hospice.”

Elisabeth said: “I was asked to help prepare accessible information for use by the Bereavement Team and have created two folders, one which includes information on other organisations in the area, this folder is primarily for reference by staff in the Family Support Team and the other hospice teams.

“The second folder includes information on ‘Local Social Activities’, covering the whole of the hospice’s catchment area. This folder will be accessible to all who attend our bereavement support groups and those who are in a caring role.”

When you have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, the people closest to you are affected by it too.

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