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We offer a range of supportive therapies and treatments with your wellbeing and comfort in mind.

Our aim is to work alongside you to help you to remain independent and with the control you want, even in the face of the challenges that are associated with a life-limiting illness.

Helping you to achieve this is the priority of the physiotherapists and occupational therapists at Prospect Hospice. They can help and support you in a range of ways which promote your independence and control, helping you maintain your mobility, and boosting your confidence in living your day to day life. They can also help you relax, increase your energy levels, cope with pain and other symptoms such as breathlessness, generally increasing your sense of personal control.

Ask your Prospect Nurse Specialist about how our Therapy Team can help you in managing your symptoms and in supporting your independence.

Creativity at Prospect Hospice

Please click to listen to a short audio clip of our Prospect Hospice choir, made up of staff and volunteers, singing to our Day Therapy patients and visitors.

Some of the artwork created by our Day Therapy patients can be seen in the gallery below:

Prospect Hospice Therapy Care Service leaflets

See below for more information that you can download to learn more about our care services.

Prospect Hospice Complementary Therapies - For Patients & Carers

Day Therapy at Prospect Hospice

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If you would like to find out more about day therapy, and arrange a visit, please call the team on 01793 813355.

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