To our supporters

Thank you

From all of us at Prospect Hospice

The care we offer to patients and their families costs around £9m every year - and seventy-two percent of this is raised through the support of our community.

Below is a selection of the many people who have raised money for us. If you’ve raised money for us and would like to get in touch, please contact us on 01793 816161 or email fundraising&events@prospect-hospice.net.

Thank you Honda

We were delighted to see Stuart from Honda when he came to visit us this week to handover a large donation of Christmas hampers to hospice fundraiser, Sally Bere. Prospect Hospice has been lucky enough to benefit from the generous donation of Honda hampers for many years and in that time we have raised over £1,000 through raffling them at the hospice over Christmas time.

The staff at Honda have been supporting Prospect Hospice for over 20 years and to date have raised over £27,000. A big thank you to all Honda employees, past and present, for their continued support.

Thank you Arval

Thank you the dedicated team of Arval employees who cycled from their office in the Netherlands to their office at Windmill Hill. The journey took over three days but they still made a quick stop off to see us before finally resting up.

In addition to sponsorship for the ride, the cyclists and support crew held a number of fundraising events over two months including cakes sales, a dress swap, bingo, faffles, collections, ans a dress down day.

Prospect Hospice enjoys a fantastic relationship with Arval and each month we are proud to be part of their onboarding programme which sees a number of staff volunteering in our retail distribution centre.

Thank you Aiden and Kasie-Louise

Nine year old Aiden Stacey and his fifteen year old sister Kasie-Louise have taken an entrepreneurial approach to fundraising this Christmas by designing and making cards to sell in aid of Prospect Hospice.

The pair created the thirty festively funny cards and sold them for a suggested donation of £2 each, raising £111 in total for the hospice. Having spent just £23 on their materials, Aiden and Kasie-Louise were very pleased with their return and even more pleased to hand the donation over to the hospice.

After seeing how their Nanny was cared for on our inpatient unit back in June, Aiden and Kasie-Louise were inspired to do something to give back to the hospice and partnered up to produce the cards.

When handing over his donation, Aiden said: “We wanted to do this for the hospice because of how nice they were. They looked after our Nanny really well.”

After being presented with the generous donation, events and community manager, Amy Francombe explained to them both how much of a difference the money would make and the amount they had raised would pay for around 22 patient meals. Mum, Hayley was thrilled with this and described her mum, Denella’s delight at being able to eat whatever she wanted in her last days at Prospect Hospice. Hayley said: “When mum could still eat she had the choice of anything she wanted and she chose a prawn cocktail and steak. She would always talk about this and was very pleased at being able to eat whatever she liked, whenever she liked.”

Thank you Dave

Following a friend’s stay in the hospice, Dave Roberts decided he would like to raise money to enable others to have the same level of care, as he found the hospice truly inspirational. So Dave’s fourth, yes fourth, marathon was the ideal chance.

Originally Dave had decided to run the Manchester Marathon in April 2019 but in February he sustained an achilles injury and could not run. He decided to transfer his place to the Bournemouth Marathon in October enabling his injury to heal. It meant that he did not have as much training under his belt as he would have hoped but after a physio visit and some robust strapping he was determined to run with the aim of achieving a personal best of under four hours.

At mile 15 the pain in his achilles returned and he hit the dreaded wall. The last eleven miles involved running, walking and lots of stretching. He was determined to complete the marathon to thank those who had supported him, and finished in an impressive four hours and 36 minutes.

So after four marathons and nineteen half marathons, will he be running anymore? Yes. Three half marathons are already on the cards for 2020 and ideally a place at the London Marathon 2021.

Thank you Linus and Rachel

We would like to say a massive thank you to Linus and Rachel who on the 21 October took part in the Tube Challenge. Thirteen year old Linus and his mum set themselves a challenge of visiting every tube stop in one day.

Linus has always had a great fascination of the tube and when he decided to raise money for Prospect Hospice, which is caring for his Grandpa, he thought that the Tube Challenge would be an ideal way to do this.

After a month of planning, they set off at 4am to board their first train at Chesham. To enable the challenge to be successful approximately every ten minutes they had to change lines to ensure all of the 270 stations were covered.

Linus said: “The first hour and a half everything went very smoothly. However, as we’d suspected, we fell behind schedule, due to the a few trains being delayed. However we continued on with good spirit, and only really hit a low point at Morden. Still we carried on, and when we got to Shepherd’s Bush we received sustenance from the support crew.

“The ride to Epping and around the loop was good, including seeing people get on and off at the least used underground station, Roding Valley. A good change to Walthamstow followed, and then we decided to change our route. Partly to fit in a twice a day service and also to finish close to home, at Kentish Town. We went ahead with it, and were extremely frustrated to find that the twice a day service was cancelled that day.

“We carried on regardless, and received a pasty from a second support crew at Richmond. Along to Heathrow, back into Paddington and then we fell to earth with a bump. When we got to the platforms at Paddington, we found out there was no service between there and Gloucester Road. Still we continued, and got to Cockfosters at around midnight, before going to High Barnet, and then we discovered that no trains went further than East Finchley.

“We’d done very well, with 261 of the 270 stations done, and none of the nine uncompleted stations we could have done anything about. We ended at our closest station and raised nearly £2,000 for an amazing charity. So overall, job very well done.”

Both Rachel and Linus said the day was exhausting taking over nineteen hours to complete with the biggest challenges being food and rest stops.

In the summer they are planning to try again to see if they can visit all 270 stations and are also considering the overground and DLR.

Thank you Merton Fields Community Group

Thank you to Alex and Tony Barrass-Haswell, Karen Sercombe, Steve Nicholas, Sarah Bowles, Freddie Bulley, Beau Nicholas, and myself who raised over £400 by hosting a Make a Brew event. Find out more about hosting your own Make a Brew event for Prospect Hospice here.

Thank you Chris, Clare, Paul and Vanessa

In June 2019 Chris and Clare Smith, along with Paul and Vanessa Edwards took on the massive challenge of running a double marathon to raise money for Prospect Hospice.

This challenge is a unique experience starting in Stroud where the participants are faced with a combination of gentle and steep ascents up the like of Crickley Hill and Cleave Hill – finishing at Broadway Tower.

They all managed to complete this challenge in under 15 hours, even more amazing especially as Clare sustained an injury with 12 miles left to go.

So what inspired them to take on this challenge? Vanessa’s dad Ray was cared for by the hospice in last year and she wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported him and the family.

Between them all they managed to raise £1424.31.

Thank you Helen

In May 2019, Helen Patterson who works at the Chippenham Job Centre spent the month raising money at work in memory of her dad who was cared for at Prospect Hospice. This was the second time she had done this and managed to raise a staggering £481 – over 30% more than the previous year.

The staff from the job centre participated in numerous activities during their fundraising month, which included: who could grow the tallest sunflower, raffles, dress down days and even auctioning decorated rocks.

As well as Helen raising money, her brother Stephen has participated in a cycle event and her daughter Bethany completed her fundraising badge at Brownie by organising a quiz.