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***Please note that while we are currently accepting applications to volunteer at Prospect Hospice, due to the current situation, we are unable to interview and progress your application further. Should you wish to show your interest in a volunteer opportunity with the hospice, please do still contact us so we can talk you through the role and keep you up to date.***

At Prospect Hospice, we are proud of the remarkable contribution made by our volunteers, which is absolutely vital to our work.

There are many ways in which volunteers can get involved, sharing their skills and experience to help us deliver high quality end-of-life services. This includes everything from supporting the care of patients and families at the hospice and in the community, to working in our charity shops, to helping our fundraising team generate the money we need to operate.

We’ve always recognised the importance of our volunteers, and in 2016 were given the prestigious Investing in Volunteers award. Prospect Hospice is one of only five hospices in England to have achieved this (find out more in our News section below). Our annual volunteer conferences provide a space to acknowledge the value of our volunteers, hear their voices and examine how we can better support them.

In this section you can find out about volunteering opportunities and how to apply for them, as well as reading some volunteer profiles, which describe what volunteering feels like for some of the people who already give us their time.

What volunteers mean to us

We asked our staff what our volunteers mean to them, and this is what they had to say…

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Our latest edition of Volunteer News is packed with stories about our volunteers and other hospice news

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Volunteering at Prospect Hospice

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Long Service Volunteer

Our longest volunteer has been with us now for just over 36 years

Volunteer roles

We have over 50 different volunteer roles


Our volunteer shifts can be as little as 4 hours per week

I've known some patients that have been cared for by Prospect Hospice, and I know that the hospice is very highly thought of. I wanted to do something worthwhile with my time so I'm here volunteering in the Heart of the Hospice as a cafe volunteer.

Becky, volunteer