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Prospect Hospice is located near Swindon in a pretty village called Wroughton that is surrounded by beautiful countryside. It is a peaceful setting for patients and visitors, with quick access to Swindon and other nearby villages and town.

VRWALK, a local company who provide 3D virtual tours of spaces, has produced this 3D scan to create a photo quality online walk-through experience of the hospice.

Shane Brennan from Swindon based VRWALK said “It was a pleasure and uplifting experience to create this virtual tour for Prospect Hospice. I’ve done many tours now for local businesses, as of now it’s mainly been in the tourism and leisure industry, or for house sales. But this has been my favourite and a great idea! The hospice definitely wasn’t what I imagined it to be and this shows people in an interactive way, how nice and welcoming it is here”.

Head of Community Engagement, Warren Finney said “This is a fantastic and relatively new tool that the website offers. People are now able to tour the hospice from the comfort of their own home. There’s a misconception that hospices are dark and scary places. But they’re not!
Whatever your reason for visiting us, be it a new volunteer, for an interview to work with us, to visit a family member, for a first day therapy session or a career coming in for a complimentary therapy –  the tour makes you feel at ease because you know where your coming to. It’s likely it’s not what you think. We’re proud of our uplifting and active hospice in Wroughton and this is a great way to show it off

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