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We know that, for many people, staying in their own home is what matters most, and that’s where most of our care is delivered, but we also understand that being at home can bring challenges for patients, families and carers.

We offer a range of services that have been developed to help you  stay at home and support your sense of independence when you are living with a life-limiting illness. Our services help people cope by building their confidence and reducing their anxiety through advice, information and emotional and practical support. We do this by working alongside your doctor, community nurses and others to provide coordinated care.

These services are available to anyone with an advanced, progressive illness whose preference is to be cared for at home, whether that’s their own home or a care home. Find out more about this range of services by visiting the pages in this section.

Prospect Hospice Community Care Service leaflets

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Our team at the Great Western Hospital

Prospect @ Home

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Care for you and your family

Do patients have to come to you or do you come to them?

Both. There are up to 16 beds in our inpatient unit at the hospice in Wroughton, and we offer services for outpatients, carers and families at our day therapy unit at the hospice in Wroughton and at our Wellbeing Centre at Savernake Hospital in Marlborough. Our Prospect@Home service provides care throughout the local community, and we also work with care homes and at Great Western Hospital.

Does most of the work you do happen at the hospice?

Most of the work we do doesn’t take place at the hospice building in Wroughton. Our Prospect@Home service provides care to patients in their own home, supporting people at the end of their lives in the place they choose to be. Our Prospect Community Nurse Specialists care for patients in the community from the very start of their journey, helping patients to live as independently as they can as they adapt to life after the diagnosis of a life-limiting condition. Our therapy, medical and family support teams also visit patients in their own homes. We also provide care and support for patients and their loved ones at our Wellbeing Centre at Savernake Hospital in Marlborough. In fact, most of the patients we meet will never actually enter the hospice, but be supported at home or by our team at the Great Western Hospital.

Is the hospice just for people in Swindon?

This was true in our early days, but hasn’t been the case for many years. We support anyone with a life-limiting condition whose GP is based in Swindon, north-east Wiltshire and the villages of Lechlade and Fairford in Gloucestershire. Our referrals team will be able to discuss individual cases – please call us on 01793 813355.

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