Arval donates vehicles to help keep hospice nurses on the road during Covid-19

April 2020


We were proud to take delivery of two vehicles that have kindly been donated by Arval UK Ltd that will help keep our nurses out in the community during Covid-19.

Sheryl Crouch, head of income at Prospect Hospice said: “What a fantastic donation by Arval UK Ltd. These vehicles will make a huge difference to our capacity of keeping nurses on the roads over the next three months. On behalf of all the patients and families that we are caring for during this difficult time, thank you so much for your support.”

The vehicles will be used by our clinical teams to reach patients in the community who need our support.

Tracey Fuller, UK Head of CSR for Arval UK Ltd, said: “You were one of the first charities we reached out to see how we might be able to support you during Covid-19 because you are so close to the hearts of so many of our staff at Arval due to the wonderful work and care you provide to people at the end of their lives.”

It’s great to hear that by giving you two vehicles, this will allow your nursing team to travel safely in and around the community, ensuring they can respond to the needs of your patients.”

The hospice would like to thank Arval UK Ltd for their continued support, especially during this time.

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