Because of you...

Louise can care for Richard at home

When in April 2021 Louise Halford heard a thud inside the bathroom where husband Richard was having a bath, she went to investigate, but couldn’t push the door open. But she could see an ominous dark shadow underneath it.

Richard, 57, had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour in November 2020, had had radiotherapy and chemotherapy in January 2021, and was mobile. But when a neighbour managed to get into the bathroom, Richard was confused and disorientated. He was taken to hospital and the doctor there thought he had probably passed out in the bathroom, but he was soon discharged. It was then, says Louise, 43, that Prospect Hospice stepped in, and responded to whatever his medical and social needs were.

“Jenny, a physio at Prospect Hospice, was on our case immediately and she was marvellous. She arranged everything from a bi-fold door in the bathroom, to a chair over the bath so he could shower, and as his condition deteriorated she increased the support we had – a splint and stick for his leg, then a wheelchair, and equipment for the kitchen so he could still do some tasks himself. When we mentioned to Prospect Hospice we were planning to get married, their family support team was great – they suggested we do it before Richard became too confused to sign the register, and helped us to write to the Register Office. We’ve been together 21 years, and got married on 23 February 2021.

“Prospect Hospice carers also helped with washing him, and did night-sits so I could have some full nights’ sleep, and they were absolutely lovely with me, Richard and our three children. They gave me a special phone number, so I could always get an immediate response – you don’t get that anywhere else. All I had to do was phone and the response from Prospect Hospice’s nurses was ‘just leave it to me’ and whatever we needed we got. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and no question was ever considered silly.

“Prospect Hospice makes you calm. They give you all the time you need, and such lovely personal care. And all the creams, and the wipes with seven moisturisers, are free. It would be so costly to have to buy them, but they really are necessary. The night sits are the best thing, though – you couldn’t ask for more, and they so respect your home and dignity.  I even arranged for us to have an early family Christmas because we thought Richard might not be with us by late December so for Richard to still be here with us now is amazing. To think Prospect Hospice is a charity, yet manages to do all this. We can’t praise them enough.”

It’s because of you that we’re able to support Louise and Richard. Without you, we won’t be there for others like them. To find out more about how your donations help care for local people, and how to donate, click here.