About the course

This course will help you to:

• Understand when and why syringe drivers are used.
• Understand how to set up, monitor and discontinue an infusion via Bodyguard syringe driver
• Understand the use and action of the most frequently used syringe driver medications and opioid toxicity
• Understand advantages and disadvantages
• Consider siting of syringe drivers

Our syringe driver course is a comprehensive and specialised training program designed for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their proficiency in administering medication through syringe drivers. This course equips participants with the essential knowledge and practical skills necessary to proficiently operate and manage syringe drivers, ensuring accurate and safe drug delivery to patients in various healthcare settings.

We will look at the principles of syringe driver use, medication compatibility, troubleshooting common issues and best practices for patient care. Participants will develop the confidence to implement these devices effectively in clinical scenarios.

For groups of six more, we are able to offer this course in the workplace.

Who is this course aimed at?

Registered nurses and GPs.

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We have a range of courses suitable for those who work within the health and care sector. Please click here to view the full list of course currently available.

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