About the course

There are a great deal of benefits relating to therapeutic touch and non-pharmacological management of anxiety, stress, ill health or end of life symptoms.  Using hand massage offers benefits to both those giving and receiving a massage, it is also as an excellent tool for calming the mind.

Our three hour session will explore the benefits of massage and teach you how to carry out a hand and forearm massage for you to use safely within the home environment, on family and friends, or for residents you may be caring for.

  1. Understand the importance of touch and its therapeutic benefits.
  2. Learn basic anatomy and physiology of the hands.
  3. Master fundamental hand massage techniques.
  4. Develop communication skills to ensure comfort and consent.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is open to everyone but may particularly be beneficial to those who are caring for a friend, family member, health care assistant, nurse.

Any other requirements?

Please bring a hand towel with you to the session.


Allie Maisey

To book, please email education@prospect-hospice.net, or telephone 01793 816118.

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