In our peaceful remembrance garden

Memory tree

Remembering someone you love

Memory tree

At Prospect Hospice, we understand the importance of celebrating life, remembering those who were special to us and keeping memories alive. Our memory tree has been placed in the heart of our remembrance garden, alongside the bluebell walk path.

Each copper or steel leaf on the memory tree is engraved with the name of your cherished loved one, a poignant, lasting tribute to them that can also be shared with your family and friends.

Your engraved leaf will remain hanging on the memory tree for as long as your monthly contribution* continues.  If you’d prefer, you can make an annual gift instead. In this instance we will contact you each year to ask if you would like your leaf to remain on the memory tree with a repeat annual donation, or if you would like it returned to you as a keepsake.

If you would like to experience the remembrance garden, it is accessed via the path to the left of the main hospice building in Wroughton, into our main garden. The remembrance garden is located in the lower left hand section, beside the blue summer house.


Once you have decided which leaf you would like we will just need the name of your loved one to engrave on your leaf.

Stainless Steel – Annual donation of £120, or £10* per month

Copper – Annual donation of £180, or £15* per month

*minimum term for monthly donations is 12 months.

Please be aware there will be specific ordering dates and hanging dates for leaves.

Paper orders

You can order your leaf by calling us on 01793 816111, or email dataadmin@prospect-hospice.net to request an order form in the post.

Memory Tree – Regular gift via Direct Debit

Set up your regular donation

Memory Tree - Annual Gift

Make your Annual Gift donation

Terms and conditions

1. All pavers and leaves remain the property of Prospect Hospice.

2. The remembrance garden is intended to be a pleasant, happy area, therefore dates, or intensely emotive and personal messages cannot be accepted. Prospect Hospice reserves the right to approve all lettering and to refuse any application considered unsuitable. In such cases, Prospect Hospice has no obligation to cite reason.

3. Prospect Hospice has complete control over the location and installation date of the pavers and leaves. Pavers and leaves are placed randomly and Prospect Hospice reserves the right to move or relocate the pavers and leaves without liability.

4. Prospect Hospice guarantees to maintain the path for a minimum of 15 years from the date of first launching the path in 2011.

5. Although of excellent quality and designed to last, pavers and leaves may become worn or damaged over time owing to natural causes. No liability can be accepted for this by Prospect Hospice.

6. Any amendments to the inscription provided on the order form must be made within seven days of the receipt of the certificate, thereafter Prospect Hospice accepts no responsibility for changed inscriptions.

7. To ensure that the remembrance garden is a safe environment for both visitors and wildlife, guidelines are in place. The guidelines can be viewed in the remembrance garden or online here. For full details call 01793 816161.

We will add your details to our database and keep you up to date with the work of the hospice by sending you our newsletter and other information you may find of interest. To personally customise how you hear from us simply visit www.prospect-hospice.net/howyouhearfromus, call 01793 816161 or email dataadmin@prospect-hospice.net.

Thank you to our supporters

The care we offer to patients and their families costs £7.5m every year, 75% of which is raised through the support of our community. Read more about our amazing supporters.

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