Getting the right help if someone is very ill and not getting better

If your loved one is very ill and not getting better, there is advice available.

What services are available to you?

  • Contact your own GP who will speak to the community nurses and palliative care services to help and support you
  • If you are known to district nursing services please contact them through the single point of contact number which can be found here.
  • Palliative care services are available to support you at this time and information about our palliative care services can be found here.
  • You can contact our team at Prospect Hospice for advice and guidance even if you are not known to them add in contact details

What can you do to care for someone who is very ill at home?

If you are caring for someone who is very ill or dying at home there are things you can do to help them feel comfortable, from helping with their pain to moving them in bed. Here is a link to useful advice and guidance about this

Click here for information about looking after someone who is dying