Planning a funeral in exceptional times

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, funerals are now limited to only allow close family members to attend to reduce the spread of the virus.

Information you may find useful about funeral planning

Following national guidance and to ensure that social distancing takes place, from 26 March 2020 new, emergency measures have been put in place for local bereavement services.

Where funerals are taking place, attendance has been reduced and should consist of the immediate family only. This does not include the official that is conducting the service. No person diagnosed as suffering from COVID-19 is permitted to attend a funeral until they have been confirmed as recovered. Services will now have shorter time limits and funeral directors will be able to assist with the rules about social distancing.

More Information about funerals in Swindon can be found on the local council website here

Further information that may be helpful

Coping with grief and supporting someone else going through bereavement

During the global Covid-19 pandemic, we are facing a tragic loss of life, often under very difficult circumstances.

People who have been bereaved at this time may experience additional and deeper emotions because of the restrictions in place due to COVID-19 familiar people they would turn to and usual support networks may not be accessible. There are some helpful support resources from Cruse here.

What else you can do?

Information you may find useful

Spiritual and pastoral support

At a time when we face a crisis in our lives, many people who do not regularly attend a place of worship seek to make sense of what is happening, through prayer, reflection, and by receiving the spiritual and pastoral support from an appropriate person of faith. This is particularly true during the current COVID-19 pandemic, during which physical distancing adds to the sense of isolation. Most places of worship, of all faiths, have a website, which contains their contact details. Most also have a social media presence and many are live-streaming their services and other points of connection.