Prospect Hospice relocates services from Savernake hospital to expand into the community

June 2021


After five years, Prospect Hospice has taken the decision to move its services from the physical base at Savernake Hospital to enable it to deliver increased services across the whole of the community in Swindon and north east Wiltshire.

Carolyn Bell, director of patient services, said: “We have loved the opportunity to deliver our care from Savernake Hospital over the last five years, however as you might expect, patients’ needs are constantly changing and we need to ensure we adapt and change in order to meet these. Over the last year we have not been able to meet our patients face to face in a physical building to protect everyone from the spread of Covid-19. During this time our patients and those important to them have welcomed our care and support being delivered in their own homes, through virtual contact using video calling, or in their local community. This has been particularly beneficial for those patients who are extremely unwell and has demonstrated to the hospice that we needed to rethink how we deliver our services in the future.

“The move to a more community based delivery of our services means those in north east Wiltshire will receive a more enhanced, personalised service, tailored to their needs in the place that suits them closer to their homes. This new model of care will ensure that we can have a presence in many more communities, increasing our flexibility as our patients need us to.

“We would like to thank everyone that has supported us at Savernake Hospital over the last five years and we look forward to increasing our presence across all communities as our services develop over the coming months and beyond.”

No current Prospect Hospice patients will be affected by the move away from Savernake Hospital as all patients are receiving care in the way that they prefer at this time.

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