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Sustainable September

What is Sustainable September?

Sustainability has become synonymous with September. It’s a time to champion second-hand treasures, conscientious choices, and to break free from the grip of fast fashion. Throughout September, we aim to inspire our entire community to exclusively embrace pre-loved second-hand clothing, available both in our charity shops and eBay shop. Whether you’re new to thrifting or a seasoned charity shop enthusiast, we invite everyone in our community to join us on this sustainable journey.

While you might already be familiar with our physical shops, you might not know about our eBay shop—a hidden gem for affordable and eco-friendly fashion. Here, you can explore a range of stylish pre-loved fashion for women, men and children, from vintage treasures to everyday wardrobe essentials, all from the comfort of your own home.

How can you get involved?

  • Make a commitment to shop second-hand throughout September exclusively. Visit one of our 16 retail shops or our eBay shop for your seasonal wardrobe revamp. Consider donating clothing that has been sitting idle in your wardrobe. You can drop before you shop.
  • Keep an eye on our socials for tips and style inspiration as well as showcasing your green fashion finds.
  • Whether it’s a complete pre-loved wardrobe revamp from your local Prospect Hospice shop or a gem from our eBay shop, we would love you to share it with us. Tag us @prospecthospice when you post using the hashtag #SustainableSeptember and we’ll share your fashion stories.

Shop with us this Sustainable September

Find women’s, men’s and children’s pre-loved clothing in our charity shops. Click the button below to find your nearest shop.

Our shops

Paula’s shopping pre-loved fashion tips

If you haven’t had the chance to explore our Prospect Hospice shops, we’ve got some fantastic insider tips for shopping for pre-loved items from Paula Kimmel, our very own learning and development manager who is a dab hand at buying pre-loved clothing.

Know your wardrobe

Before even stepping out of your front door, go through your wardrobe to identify pieces you need. That being said, if you do spot a one-off second-hand gem, go for it.

Remember, sizes don’t mean everything

Don’t disregard fantastic items just because they’re a bit too large. A skilled seamstress can work their magic, adjusting garments and keeping them well within your budget. Alternatively, consider using a vintage leather belt to cinch larger dresses or blazers, creating a chic and stylish oversized look.

It’s all seasonal

Go on a second-hand shopping spree at the very start of the season. Charity shops save donated items for the next season so chances are you’ll have the pick of the bunch.

Try before you buy

If you can, I would definitely try on anything you can before you buy it! I can’t count the times I’ve been certain something would be a flawless fit, only to be thoroughly disappointed when I got home because it simply didn’t look right.

Master the art of online shopping

If you’re an online shopper, save or bookmark your favourite charity shops on eBay. Be precise in your searches; instead of simply looking for a “red top,” use filters to narrow down your search, like adding “vintage” to your query. Consider saving your searches and signing up for email alerts to stay updated on new arrivals.

Why get involved?

By participating in Sustainable September, you:

Protect the planet: Reduce waste, conserve resources, and decrease your carbon emissions. It is expected that by 2050, fast fashion will account for 26% of carbon emissions.

Support us: Your actions directly support our hospice care and vital community services.

Join a community: Connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about sustainability.

Learn and grow: Gain valuable knowledge and skills to continue a sustainable lifestyle beyond September.

Being part of Sustainable September not only allows you to do your bit for the environment but also by choosing to shop at Prospect Hospice, you will be supporting vital work within your local community.  Every purchase you make directly contributes to our mission of delivering outstanding end of life care and support to patients facing life-limiting illnesses and their families in north east Wiltshire. Whether you go for a complete wardrobe update this month or simply find that one special item that sings to you, you will be making a real difference to local people facing difficult times.