Prospect Hospice is under genuine threat of closure. Our funding from the NHS hasn’t risen in 10 years, while everything has become more expensive. It’s left us around £1 million short of what we need this year. 

Will you give today and save our hospice? 


Prices have been rising fast over the last few years. The cost of medical care is climbing. The price of energy to power our equipment has rocketed. It means that while our inpatient unit has room to look after 12 people, we can only afford to look after six. And the hardest part is that more people than ever need our care

What could your support do? 

£25 could pay for an hour of support at home from a nurse. 

£60 could pay for an hour of a patient’s stay on our inpatient unit.

£100 could pay for a series of specialist physio sessions.

Prospect Hospice has always been here for our community. We want to say we always will be. But right now, we need you.

Your donation today could help families like Sinéad's

Sinéad first came across Prospect Hospice under heart breaking circumstances when her husband-to-be, Harry, fell ill.

“Harry was a rare case. He was just 25. His cancer caused paralysis, so from the beginning, the hospice’s physio team was involved. How they were able to adapt and tailor the service was incredible.

“They came to the house and provided such a positive focus for him every day. It gave us structure and injected hope into our lives.”

Sinéad and Harry.