Paul's Story

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When Paul’s wife Claire died at Prospect Hospice at the age of 44, he lost his soulmate and the mother of his two sons, Dan and Jake. Claire was someone who was full of life, a woman who enjoyed every aspect of her life and whose time running a local pub in Swindon and love of a pint was reflected in her coffin, which was decorated in the style of a can of lager. “That’s how we remember Claire,” says Paul now. “She was so much fun to be around, for everyone. People always remember her with a smile.”

Claire’s last days were spent on our In-Patient Unit, where she was supported by our team of nurses, doctors, carers and therapists. “Their care was second to none,” says Paul. “They made sure that she was comfortable and as pain-free as she could be. That gave us time to spend together, to be with each other, both she and I and as a family. It meant so much to us – I’ll never forget it.”

In the time since Claire died, Paul has sought to raise funds for Prospect Hospice, just as a way of ‘giving something back’. “It’s important to me, and I am sure that it is what Claire would have wanted me to do too,” he says. “I’ve taken part in a three-day trek in Dartmoor on foot and with canoes, done a 15,000ft skydive, and even took part in a Zumba marathon, dressed head to foot in Lycra to raise money.  Claire would have laughed so much, but I think ,she would have been proud of me too.”

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