Lisa and Matt’s big day made possible by Prospect Hospice

Weddings are always very special and poignant occasions at Prospect Hospice, and earlier this week it was our pleasure to host the wedding of patient Lisa Cottle and her fiancé Matt Hunt.

The couple had taken the decision to postpone their wedding which had been planned in May this year, because Lisa had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer a few months earlier, and her treatment took precedence over plans for their special day. “Our intention was to delay it until Lisa’s treatment was finished, but we agreed after she was admitted to Prospect Hospice to bring things forward and get married while here.” says Matt. “We knew that the registry office wouldn’t be possible, and spoke to the team here at the hospice, and they made it happen. It had been our dream to get married for so long, and have special memories now which will live forever.”

On Monday 24 November, Lisa and Matt were joined by family and friends to the garden room on our in-patient unit. The family had decorated the room beautifully, and the marriage was conducted at the hospice as the sun shone on a bright autumn day. “The family did a fantastic job decorating the room,” says Matt, “the room looked lovely. The team at Prospect Hospice arranged for the special licence for the wedding to be here, and the catering team laid on a wonderful buffet. We had the room for the afternoon, and it was a wonderful occasion.”

The previous day had been a very special one for Lisa in particular, when she had been visited in the gardens that adjoin the room she is staying in by her horse, Ulbe. “Because Lisa has been staying here, she hasn’t been able to see Ulbe, and we really wanted to brighten up her day, so we wrapped her up and took her outside to see him in the gardens. Ulbe is a big part of her life, and she loved seeing him again,” says Matt.

Lisa’s care at Prospect Hospice has been much appreciated by Matt and the couple’s families. “I can’t put into words how great the staff here are, including the Prospect nurses at Great Western Hospital,” says Matt. “They have all just been fantastic. We wanted to make Lisa comfortable, and Prospect Hospice made that happen. They put a bed in the room for me, and I have been able to stay every day, and Lisa wants to be here.”

Matt adds: “Both my family and Lisa’s family have been incredibly impressed at how thoughtful everyone here has been. We have all become supporters of Prospect Hospice.”

Our very best wishes to Lisa and Matt, and our thanks to them that they have agreed to our sharing their story.