Recycle your Christmas tree and support local hospice

December 2023


A festive tree-cycle scheme that aims to take away some of the stress this Christmas will run again this year.

Due to the success of its Christmas Tree Cycle scheme last year, Prospect Hospice is offering to dispose of real Christmas trees, in return for a donation to the hospice.

In an effort to promote environmental responsibility, Prospect Hospice invites individuals to participate in their Christmas tree recycle scheme. The hospice, in collaboration with the national charity Just Helping, will collect real Christmas trees from various postcodes on January 6 and 7 after which they’ll be chipped. The chippings are reused locally such as in the grounds of sports fields or to make paths in local parks.

People wanting to get their tree recycled by Prospect Hospice will need to sign up on the Just Helping website before Monday 1 January.

Additionally, as part of a separate initiative, Wiltshire Christmas Trees has pledged to donate £5 from each tree sale to Prospect Hospice, further supporting the hospice’s crucial work.

Prospect Hospice head of income Sheryl Crouch said: “Christmas is a time for family, friends, and celebrations, the Christmas tree is for many families an important part of their decorations, with many traditions associated with it. This year if you are purchasing a real Christmas tree this is where we can step in to help.

“If you’d like to dispose of your tree in an environmentally friendly way and support your local hospice after all the festivities are over, you can make us a donation and, in return, we will send one of our lovely elves to pick up your tree to be recycled.”

You can purchase your tree here and order your collection through Just Helping by visiting this link.

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