Freda's collection of Prospect Hospice memories


Freda has been a volunteer Box Collector at the hospice since 1982 – that’s 36 years of dedicated volunteering.

Last week, we welcomed Freda and her husband Brian to the hospice to look through a delightful collection of Prospect Hospice related items that Freda has collected over the years, including copies of our newsletter dating back to 1981!

“When I first started as a Box Collector, I used to go to 125 houses,” says Freda. “I do a much smaller round now though. I’ve seen things change over the years, as more people have got involved with supporting the hospice.

“I love history and enjoy collecting things, so all of these items have been gathered up over the years and stored in the attic.

“I do use some of them though – I use the dish for storing pins and the bag for storing string.

“I keep myself busy and do lots of other volunteering besides being a Box Collector.”

Alex Cooper, our Community Fundraiser who runs our Boxes scheme, says: "Our Box Collectors all do such an amazing job, and we thoroughly appreciate the time and dedication they each give to us. Last year our Boxes scheme brought in over £102,000 - which, considering the donations are made up of spare change, is quite phenomenal! 

If anyone reading this would like to learn more about becoming either a Box Holder or Box Collector, please get in touch by calling 01793 816161 and I would be delighted to speak to you."