At Prospect Hospice, we believe that patients should have a say in the care that they receive, including where they are when they receive it. Prospect@Home is a service that helps people who are living with a life-limiting condition to be in the place they most want to be as they approach the end of their lives.

We know that, for many people, staying in their own home is what matters most during their illness and at the very end of their lives, surrounded by the people they love, in familiar, comfortable surroundings. We also understand that being at home can bring real challenges for patients, families and carers to overcome.

Prospect@Home is a service which has supported hundreds of local people since it was first launched back in 2008, following a community appeal to raise £1M. It has become hugely valued by patients and families whose wish is to be at home when they need our support in the final weeks and days of life.

Our Prospect@Home service helps people to cope better by building their confidence and reducing anxiety through a range of advice, information and emotional and practical support. Prospect@Home provides hands-on care in the home, night and day. Our team of nurses, nursing assistants and specially-trained home support volunteers work alongside the patient’s doctor, community nurses and others involved in a patient’s care to provide coordinated care, designed and delivered to meet the wishes of patients whose greatest wish is to be at home.

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Our support for patients through Prospect@Home

The Prospect@Home team offers:

  • Practical and expert care at home, night and day
  • Emotional support for patients and their families 
  • Support visits during the day and/or night, both at a time of crisis or at the very end of life
  • Care that is planned with individual needs in mind and that works alongside the other services involved in the patient’s care
  • Support that is flexible and responsive to your needs

If you are a patient or a family member of a patient who would like to know more about Prospect@Home, speak with your Prospect Nurse Specialist, or call us on 01793 813355.
When a member of our team visits your home, it would be helpful if:

  • Your district nursing notes are available for us to use
  • The nurse knows where to find extra bedding or a towel 
  • There’s a small lamp available at night time 
  • There’s a kettle available to make hot drinks (the team member will bring their own food)
  • There’s a comfortable chair for the team member to use and the heating is turned on if it’s chilly 
  • There are bathroom facilities and a bathroom accessible for the team member to use.

Prospect Hospice are members of the National Association for Hospice at Home (NAHH). Please click here to find out more.