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Community Nurse Specialists

For people who seek our care, the first person they are likely to meet from Prospect Hospice is a Prospect Clinical Nurse Specialist. This team is unique within our local community and they are funded by Prospect Hospice – and not any other charity or organisation, either local or national.

This highly-skilled team of experienced nurses bring their skills and knowledge to the homes of people living with life-limiting illnesses. They bring reassurance at uncertain times, and are someone for patients and families to call upon for practical help and guidance. The team work closely with GPs, community nurses and others – including and especially the many professional teams from across Prospect Hospice – to offer the best possible care and support.

They work closely with patients to ease their pain and other troublesome symptoms. Our Prospect Nurse Specialists can also support families, friends and carers. They are often the first person that patients and their families turn to when they need help, support and guidance.

Help and advice

There is a Prospect Clinical Nurse Specialist available for patients to speak with, seven days a week. There is always a team member available to help with any questions people have about their illness. A Prospect Clinical Specialist Nurse can help and advise on issues including:

  • Pain management
  • Living with fatigue
  • Coping with breathlessness
  • Sleeping and eating difficulties
  • Other illness-related symptoms

A Prospect Clinical Nurse specialist will also:

  • Talk with patients and their families about any worries or anxieties they might experience
  • Support the care given by other healthcare professionals with their personal knowledge and understanding of a patient’s condition
  • Provide patients and the people closest to them with up-to-date information about other services available through Prospect Hospice and other relevant organisations
  • Offer caring support and practical advice for patients’ family and carer

The Prospect Clinical Nurse Specialist team are community based and offer care and support to people across Swindon and north east Wiltshire. As someone involved in the support of patients from soon after diagnosis and a source of advice and support for the whole family, the work of a Prospect Clinical Nurse Specialist is often a source of great and lasting support. And the service isn’t limited to just people who live in their own homes. We also have nurses dedicated to supporting people who live in care homes, working alongside the staff there to help residents receive the best possible care when they need it.

The work of our Care Home team was highlighted in 2017 when they were recipients of a national charity award, which recognised the important role that our nurses play in ensuring more people from across our community can access excellent end-of-life care in their own home.

The work of our Prospect Clinical Nurse Specialists is only possible through the generous support of our community. You can support our Prospect Clinical Nurse Specialists in their mission to provide their much-valued service across Swindon and north-east Wiltshire by clicking the donate button on our home page.

Supporting care homes

Prospect Hospice knows that, through choice the place that many people say they want to be at the end of their life is at home; increasingly, for many, the place that’s home is a care home.

We believe that people in care homes should get the best possible end-of-life care in their final days, and we work closely with residents, staff and carers at local care homes to help them achieve the best possible experience for people in their final days. We have a dedicated Prospect Nurse Specialist working exclusively in care homes, there to support patients and pass on her expertise and knowledge for staff, enabling them to develop their confidence in end-of-life care.

If you would like to know more about the work of Prospect Hospice in local care homes, please click here to make contact with our Prospect Nurse Specialist.

Contact Us

If you are a patient, family member or from the local healthcare community, and you need fast advice, please call the Single Point of Contact team on 01793 816124 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

Outside of these hours, call 01793 816109 to access our 24 hour advice line.

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