Why we’re holding a Death Café at Prospect Hospice this Thursday

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

This Thursday we will be hosting our second Death Café at Prospect Hospice and, if you can make it, you would be welcome to join us.

By – Jo Hyde, Family Support Team Leader

The first time we had one we had staff and volunteers, carers and people who have been bereaved asking all kinds of questions about death and dying, and among the people who were here were funeral directors and a solicitor who joined in a lively, free-form discussion that covered a very broad range of issues on a subject that people traditionally have been reluctant to talk about it. Well, at Prospect Hospice, we don’t share that reluctance. In fact, we see it as a responsibility of ours to get people talking about death and dying because, one day, it will inevitably affect our lives one way or another, almost certainly before we reach the end of our own.

We know of course that people don’t necessarily want to talk about it. That’s fine – we’re not forcing anyone to come along, but we do welcome people who are keen to talk with others who have an interest – personal or professional – in death and dying, to explore some of the myths, the uncertainties, the preconceptions and the very basics of a subject that we can only ever put off for so long.

Perhaps we’ll see you here for our Death Café at Prospect Hospice at 5pm this Thursday?