Coping with grief on Father’s Day

June 2023

Family Support

While Father’s Day is usually a time to celebrate, it can be a painful occasion if your dad, step-dad or child has died.

As Father’s Day approaches it can evoke powerful memories and feelings which can be difficult to deal with.

The bereavement support team at Prospect Hospice have offered some advice: “Our lives are usually built around the people we share them with and the loss of someone close to us can turn that world upside down, leaving an empty space in our lives. It is natural to experience strong feelings as you struggle to make sense and accept the reality of your loss.

“Father’s Day can be a difficult time for people whose dad or step-dad has died and for men who have experienced the death of their child (be it a youngster or an adult child).

“Everyone will have their own special way in which they will remember their loved one and each person’s experience of loss will be different and unique to them.

“An important thing is to remember to be gentle with yourself and those around you, knowing that it may be tough and could be very sad – that’s ok.

“Some ways that can help you to remember is to perhaps write your thoughts and feelings down in a card, light a candle or share precious memories of your loved one with family and friends. One really meaningful and lasting way to remember someone is to make a memory box where you choose treasures that remind you of that special person.”

Prospect Hospice has an experienced and dedicated bereavement and family support team, which is available to support families and friends of those patients who have received the support of the hospice’s services.

If you need support at this time, there is some useful information on our website to help you following a loss. Click here.

You can also take a look at our tips for Father’s Day here.


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