Covid-19: Talking about death and dying

Covid-19: Talking about death and dying

At this time, we know many of you are having to have difficult conversations with your family about death and dying. As specialists in end of life care, these are conversations we have with our patients and their families on a regular basis and, while we know it’s never an easy thing to talk about, we do know how important it is to talk.

Now more than ever people are starting to engage in the sorts of conversations they may have avoided in the past and we want to offer some advice on this where we can in the hope it helps.

Please find below a short video from a colleague of ours, Dr Justin Amery, a specialist in palliative care who made this video while self-isolating with Coronavirus.

Before you watch, we want to let you know that this video does talk about what to expect when thinking about your own death and may be difficult to watch. The beauty of online videos though is that, if it is too much at this time, you can press pause and come back and pick it up at a later date.

We hope this video helps.

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