Father and daughter write Christmas song to help raise funds for local hospice

November 2023


A dynamic father-daughter duo, James and Beth Duke, from Swindon, have crafted a poignant Christmas song titled “Christmas in the Sky” to raise funds for Prospect Hospice.

The inspiration for the song came during a challenging period when James Duke, Beth’s father, faced a serious health situation. In 2019, James suffered a collapse at work and received a swift diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and was told he had only a few days to live.

As James and his family faced the difficulties of chemotherapy, Beth and her brother Owen found comfort in their father’s strength. Beth remembered, “I knew I wanted to raise money for a charity. I love music and singing and wanted to write a song with him.”

Following James’ treatment, they began writing “Christmas in the Sky”, a touching song reminding us that even if a loved one is no longer with us, we’ll always remember them and celebrate their life. Especially so during the festive period.

Now in remission James Duke works at Prospect Hospice’s distribution center. Having seen firsthand the care and support provided by the charity to local people and their families living with terminal illnesses, both father and daughter decided to donate all proceeds from their song to Prospect Hospice.

Sheryl Crouch, head of income at Prospect Hospice, added: “Every year Prospect Hospice supports hundreds of families across Swindon and the surrounding areas who are going through one of life’s hardest journeys. We want to be there to care for each and every person with a life-limiting illness who needs us.”

“That is why we are so grateful to Beth and James for all the hard work they have put in to writing and recording this song. The funds raised help Prospect Hospice to make a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of people and their loved ones every day.”

All of the funds raised through “Christmas in the Sky” will help Prospect Hospice’s outstanding services, including the Inpatient Unit and Prospect@Home care service. To download the song and contribute to the charity, please visit this link or find it on Amazon.

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