Rob serves up a treat for the hospice

June 2019

Our Team

Those who enjoy the food made at Prospect Hospice will know it is made by our brilliant catering team. What may not be apparent is that most of the ingredients are sourced in a very affordable fashion, from a charity that is having a positive impact on our environment.

Every Thursday, our catering services manager Rob uses a charity called FareShare for the majority of his shopping. FareShare save good food from going to waste and redistribute it to frontline charities, for example, if a batch of Marmite was delivered to a supermarket with a misprint on their packaging, rather than bin the Marmite, FareShare would buy it from the supermarket and sell it on the charities at a reduced price.

“For 22 pence per kilo I can get a range of products and ingredients, from cherry tomatoes on the vine to a case of halloumi, to prime cut lamb steaks,” said Rob. “I order in bulk what I want online on the Thursday from FareShare, and it’s delivered to the hospice by Monday lunchtime. It’s a brilliant way of getting good value for money while helping to stop unnecessary food waste.”

For more information about FareShare, visit their website here.

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